Club Manager

I have been employed at Yolo Fliers Club in one capacity or another since January 1, 1996. I was first introduced to the Fliers Club in 1983 after moving from Paradise, California. My Father bought a dental practice in Woodland and joined the club soon thereafter. I played a lot of golf after school by myself or with members I met, and on the weekends with my father before I was recruited to play on the Woodland High School my Sophomore year. I fell in love playing the game in a team environment but really enjoyed the individual aspect of making that team successful.

After graduating from Woodland High School I attended Yuba Community College in Marysville for one year as I tried to put a golf team together, but the pieces didn’t fall into place so I returned to Woodland where I began working for long time mentor Golf Professional Bob Badger. I started working in outside services and quickly worked my way into the golf shop and it was then I decided that Golf is my calling. At the age of 20,  I began my apprenticeship to become a member of the PGA. After graduating it wasn’t long after that I was recruited to go to work at Del Paso Country Club in Sacramento. Working as a second assistant at Del Paso taught me many new things about the golf business and I had the privilege of working for very successful people with a variety of backgrounds. With that being said, my true roots were with the Fliers Club and being close to my family.

So, in 1996 I returned to YFC as the first assistant under Bob Badger. He taught me more about business and people than all the schooling in the world. When I look back I would not be here today if not for his leadership. In June of 1998 Bob retired after fifteen years as the Head Golf Professional and I was hired. At that time the Golf Professional owned the golf shop and employed all the golf shop staff themselves. After sixteen years of running my own business I agreed to sell the business to the club and become an employee of YFC. After eighteen months in that capacity I was offered the interim General Manager position in June of 2015 and soon thereafter was hired full time as the General Manager of Yolo Fliers Club. My twenty plus years of experience with members and the club has served me well. It truly is a “family” at YFC. I sincerely love my position and all of the members and staff that I am surrounded by.