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I was born in Woodland and was raised with my sister, Nicole, by my parents Victoria and Vincent Facciuto on our family’s organic walnut farm in the Capay Valley. From a young age, working outdoors among the hills, trees, and plants spawned within me a passion for nature and for the land, which later grew into a deep appreciation for agronomy. I am privileged to live in a state with some of the best agriculture in the world, and I was able to study Horticultural Science with an emphasis in Turfgrass Management at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. During and after college, I applied and developed my science knowledge by working at Raley Field and a number of golf courses in the greater Sacramento area. I currently live in Sacramento with my wife, Meghan, and our daughter, Frances.

I have admired Yolo Fliers Club since I was a child. I am drawn to the traditional parkland style layout of the course, which makes the most of the existing natural landscape, including the beautiful oaks native to this area. I am excited to say this is the oldest course I’ve ever helped manage, and the age of the club makes Fliers a uniquely traditional golf facility. My goals are to enhance turf uniformity at Yolo Fliers and to improve both landscaped and native areas. I have implemented a comprehensive agronomic plan, and most importantly, I would like to develop a short- and long-term irrigation retrofit plan to ensure the strength and longevity of the property.

My experience at Fliers thus far has  taught me about the genuinely caring, warm, and welcoming nature of the people who make up this club. I thank you sincerely for making me feel at home, and I hope to guide the course’s progress toward a championship level that all can enjoy for years to come.